Scholars Defined

SQ Scholars are smart, goal-driven, accomplished individuals who view every challenge as a learning opportunity. While students may face financial, social, and/or other personal challenges, they show strength of character and promise as leaders.

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Modeling Excellence

An SQ Scholar is a model student, earning the following merits in school, at home and his/her community:

  • The student shows an interest in and curiosity for learning.
  • He or she models ethical and appropriate behavior, setting an example for others.
  • This student is mannerly, respectful, and discreet in interactions with peers and adults.
  • The student demonstrates high-achieving behavior through consistently good grades (equivalent to As and Bs, top 10% of class), consistent and timely completion of homework, organized use of time and resources, and enthusiastic class participation.
  • Timely and consistent attendance reflects this person’s commitment as a student.

Raising the Bar

SQ Scholars take initiative, ask questions, think deeply, and consider other people’s perspectives. In every aspect of their lives, they:

  • Keep commitments and persevere;
  • Act morally, responsibly and with integrity; and
  • Pursue education that leads to a rewarding and productive life.
SQ Scholars does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or physical ability.