Creating a footprint

SQ Scholars helps students build a personal and professional identity, while taking important steps toward college. The program’s mainstay is academic enrichment that:

  • Takes students out of their comfort zone
  • Exposes them to new ideas and experiences
  • Introduces them to business and community leaders
  • Encourages personal reflection and expression
  • Builds lifelong curiosity and appreciation for learning


Exploring Identity & Individuality

Reading, journaling, activities, and special outings center around an age-appropriate book. Programming is geared to the following themes:

  • Literacy
  • Perseverance
  • Acclimation
  • Identity development

Upon successful completion of this program, students are selected to continue in SQ PREP Eighth Grade.


Preparing for High School & Considering Careers

This second-phase of SQ PREP focuses initially on the high school application process. Subject-specific tutoring and introduction to online resources help prepare students for the High School Placement Test (HSPT) in January and ground them for later college testing. Meanwhile, seminars in social, professional and cyber etiquette cultivate students’ interpersonal skills.

For the remainder of eighth grade and into summer, students explore career possibilities through hands-on workshops, site visits, and first-hand testimony from industry professionals. Students also begin an e-portfolio, which documents their growth and shapes their college vision.


Freshman Year: Self-Advocacy

In this first year of high school, SQ Scholars begin funneling their academic strengths and interests into a more definitive path. Programming focuses on leadership and presentation skills, self-awareness, and problem-solving that build a base for the college portfolio.

Sophomore Year: The 5 Cs of Success

Students continue academic enrichment, with focus on building transferrable skills in communication, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and character. Increasing focus on college—including college visits—encourages students to articulate their skills and narrow their interests to a more specific career direction.

Junior Year: Considering College

As students begin testing for college acceptance, academic tutoring and college counseling are the primary focus for this year. Students pursue opportunities for internships, shadowing, and part-time work that lend to understanding of their chosen field(s).

Senior Year: Anticipating Change

College applications and essay writing drive the initial months of senior year. Then as college direction is defined, students benefit from workshops on study skills, self-advocacy, persistence, and realizing independence.